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Do you want to put in a hot water heater or a water softener? Hard water can have serious consequences for our homes: appliances and pipes wear out faster, dishes may not be cleaned as thoroughly, and our skin may become irritated! Silverback Plumbing and Contracting provides water softeners for this reason. A water softener will reduce sediment buildup inside a water heater, potentially extending the heater’s life.
Hot water heaters are fantastic!  We rely on them every day, but when they break down, your family suffers. They are also complicated, which means that they should only be repaired or replaced by experienced, licensed plumbers like any of our Silverback Plumbing technicians.
Electrical shock, gas leaks, water damage, carbon monoxide leaks, and explosions can all result from do-it-yourself projects. Don’t take chances that could endanger your property or yourself. Call us today for peace of mind!

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