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Faucets are just the mouthpiece of a plumbing system. We select them to establish a specific style or to deliver water in a specific manner. But faucets can have issues as well! To avoid wasting money and water, keep an eye out for any problems.
If your faucet has a leak, no pressure, discolored water or no hot water, call us to give you a quote on repairing it for you.  Some leaks appear to be more serious than others, but they are all a huge waste of money. If your faucet drips twice a minute, you’ll waste an entire gallon of water in a week. Silverback Plumbing is available to assist you with a quick faucet repair or to recommend replacement when there is excessive waste.
Most of the time, your faucet is underperforming due to minor issues. Other times you need a faucet replacement. We can save you time and money by knowing when we can repair or when we need to replace.
We have a team of experienced plumbing professionals who know the St. Louis area and are eager to help.   For more information on our faucet services, please contact us today!

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